Shun the Non-believers

Stop trying to convince people who don't care. Find your people.


I ran into a good friend at the airport.

We were standing beside the airport Starbucks catching up on life, family, and business.

He runs an organization that places media all over the country. He mentioned that there was a blogger out there writing negative reviews and how it was disheartening and distracting.

I remembered something I heard Seth Godin say.

Steve Allen was the first host of The Tonight Show. He was known for walking right out into the audience and ad libbing stuff. He used to tell a story about one night he was on stage and could see that a woman wasn’t applauding. He became obsessed that no matter what joke he said she wouldn’t applaud. He told the crew to put up the house lights so he could go out into the audience. He was going to really show this lady. Maybe give her a hard time and make fun of her a little. That’s what people like.

He walked right up to her and suddenly realized she had both arms amputated.

She couldn’t applaud.

This was on live television.

And Steve Allen never walked out into the audience again.

The point is that a professional like Steve Allen should have realized that if there’s someone in the audience who’s not applauding, you don’t focus all your energy on how to get that person to applaud.

It’s not for them. It’s not their day.

Stop trying to convince people who don’t care. Find your people.

Your tribe. Your fans. The ones who care about what you have.

Focus all your energy on those people


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