Let’s Warm Up That Cold Email

Your mission should be to provide some valuable information.

When I wrote this same post on Quora, it received over 27,000 views. That was enough to rank my answer higher than Mark Cuban’s. So there.


Mark Cuban   : 3,000,000,000


Matty McLain : 1


Your job as a self-employed, freelancer, salesperson or side hustler is to find people who need your help. You have to give before you get and come from a place of contribution.

Here’s a standard cold email that I received two days ago. I don’t expect you to read it. I only read the first two lines. Then I scanned down every paragraph to see what the email is about. It’s all about “I”, “We”, and “Our” when it should be all about “Matty”.

That’s a terrible email that subtracts from the sum total of my life.

The best cold emails I’ve seen are ones that provide value before they ask for anything. Such as this one shared Bryan at Videofruit. Some guy sends a cold email and explains that he’s already identified some issues and has planned solutions. Plus he adds a link to a personal video where he goes into more detail…


Great Stuff!!

Who in the world wouldn’t be interested in this? If you can focus on my pain and prove that you’ve already put in some work, I’m at least interested enough to hear you out. (Side Note: Bryan ended up becoming a paying customer for this guy)

I subscribe to a newsletter called Kopywriting Course by Neville Medhora. Some great content about cold emailing. The point, Neville explains, is to stop writing boring soul sucking emails like this…



Your mission should be to provide some valuable information, insight, value, SOMETHING.

  • Can you save them money? How much?
  • Can you save the time? How much?
  • Can you put more money in their pocket? How much?
  • Can you compare yourself to the provider they currently use and show how you’re better?

The email doesn’t have to be long, like the example above. It can be short and sweet like this…

I hope this helps you.


Happy Emailing!


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