Want more clients without being salesy?


Look, I’m not another self-proclaimed guru offering to teach you my secrets. I’m a guy who’s been self-employed for years, working hard to get and keep great clients AND still have a life.

Make a Lot of Living is the study of what works in the real world of sales and marketing. It’s all the stuff they don’t teach you in business school (at least they didn’t teach it to me).

“Something’s clicking. I want you to find out what, and click the holy hell out of it.”

If your business is like most, you have a problem…

Stop with the random acts of marketing

Ask yourself one simple question…

If I had a simple process to get new people into my sales funnel and “nurture” them until they were ready to buy, how much would my business grow?

My mission is to help you figure that out. I test out different sales/marketing strategies on myself (and my clients) and show you the results. The naked truth.

Create an Amazing Customer Experience
What to Say to Prospects
Client Retention
CRM Systems
Closing the Sale
Traditional Advertising (Radio, TV, Billboards)
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